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Carlos Allers

Carlos’ journey to become a certified personal trainer came from his enthusiasm for weight training in his early 20s, helping friends in the gym achieve their fitness goals, and his participation in Bermuda’s bodybuilding competition. These things led him to eventually obtain the NASM CPT certification in 2018.

Known for throwing in a few “extra reps” here and there or increasing the weight just a bit more for clients, Carlos is a strong believer in going the extra mile when training and often tells clients that “there’s always more left in the tank” 

One on one personal training was always a preference, however in recent years his enjoyment for group conditioning classes have grown from being part of the FIT4LIFE family. 

The thing Carlos enjoys most about being a fitness trainer is having the chance to help someone change their life for the better and achieve goals they once thought were unachievable.

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