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About The Owner

Dave Wolffe, Founder FIT4LIFE and Senior Trainer

Dave Wolffe is the name behind the FIT4LIFE brand.  His passion for health and wellness stems from years of experience competing as an amateur athlete, representing Bermuda as a footballer, track and field sprinter, before transitioning to bodybuilding in his later years. Dave’s energy, experience and dedication are at the center of all that he offers in helping others to reach and sustain their individual goals.  FIT4LIFE was launched in 2006 and has been growing in membership and solid brand reputation for over a decade.


Dave’s diverse training and skills allow him to train individual athletes, chronically-obese patients, youth development squads, elite sports teams, large groups and more.  Of equal importance to Dave and the FIT4LIFE team is a commitment to working with individuals, companies and teams to promote health and wellness at the office and to encourage teams to build an ethic of harmony and cohesion in the workplace.  FIT4LIFE offers a bespoke curriculum and training experience to all. 

ISSA Certified Personal and Group Trainer

ISSA Nutrition Certification

CPPS Strength and Conditional Coach

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